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Our services

We are at your kind disposal for our clients in case of the services below: 
Cargo Logistics

ÁTI DEPO manages and utilizes 7 depots (Baja, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs, Szabadbattyán, Szajol, Szigetszentmiklós), which offer services to its partners mainly in the field of general cargo logistics. 

Warehouse and Office Rental

ÁTI DEPO Public Warehousing Zrt. is a provider of logistics services, possessing of one of the largest warehouse capacities in Hungary, a member of Interag Holding which is in British majority ownership and engages in property development and utilisation.

Warrant Business

ÁTI DEPO is the public limited company, who deals with guarding, storage and handling of goods if it is required  in its warehouses, issuing own-site warrants of public warehousing. 

Grain Logistics

ÁTI DEPO ZRt. provides grain logistics services at its eight sites (Baja, Békéscsaba, Gyöngyös, Kecskemét, Mátészalka, Mezőkovácsháza, Mohács, Szabadbattyán) with 205 000 tons of grain storage (mainly silos) capacity. 

Domestic and International Freight Forwarding

Our Company can provide domestic or international transport services for its current and potential partners.

Customs Administration


We can provide customs clearance services to our clients ...


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