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At the moment, ÁTI DEPO has 13 sites at various locations of the country, of which seven bases (Baja, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs, Szabadbattyán, Szajol, Szigetszentmiklós) can perform on almost 153,000 sq.m. the storage of primarily palletted goods. At another seven sites (Baja, Békéscsaba, Kecskemét, Mátészalka, Mezőkovácsháza, Mohács, Szabadbattyán), it operates a grain storage facility suitable to receive 205,000 tons of grain. Almost all the grain logistics sites of ÁTI DEPO Public Warehousing Zrt. are supplied with the capacity to perform high-output railway loading of grain, and at the Baja site and at the Mohács site, fluvial loading and unloading can be carried out too.





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