6500 Baja, Szentjánosi út 12.
Tel: +36-79-323-255




The Baja railway station code: 16725-4 



Depot Manager: Roland Kolluti

Mobile: +36-30-682-3115





The Baja site is accessible from highway No. 51, or highway No.  55. The site disposes of a railway connection.

A huge advantage of the Baja site is its location by the banks of the Danube (at kilometre No. 1480), and thus, as part of the complex service of logistics, it provides port services too, within the frame of which it can even serve four ships simultaneously. The site realises a large amount of turnover of goods in bulk (e.g. soya grits, wheat, barley, corn), which is supported also by a silo of 33,500 tons. A bridge crane of 40 tons is available for the handling of oversize goods.



  • Domestic warehousing, public customs warehousing, tax warehousing

  • Distribution activity, international forwarding, customs administration

  • Container depot activity

  • Port services

GPS coordinates: LAT: 46 ° 11 '10.83 "LON: 18 ° 55' 45.44"

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