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Our management systems

Management systems


ATI DEPO Public Warehousing Plc is one of the largest logistics service providers in Hungary. Winning and maintaining the trust of your partners is not an easy task in today’s competitive world. To this end, ATI DEPO Zrt is committed to providing constant and reliable services and a long-term commitment to the trust of its partners.


ATI DEPO Zrt feels committed to promoting the security of the Company's operations, maintaining and developing its marketability.


The management of the company considers the operation of management management systems related to its activities to be an essential element of its operations, which forms the basis of its operational strategy.


As one element of achieving business success, management identifies conscious work in accordance with relevant management management standards for all employees in the business.


By maintaining the trust of our partners and satisfying their needs to the maximum, we undertake a commitment to the operation and continuous development of the management systems of ATI DEPO Zrt.


ATI DEPO Zrt has an integrated system in accordance with quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental protection (ISO 14001) standards. As well as energy management (ISO 50001)  GMP + Feed Safety Assurance and standards compliant management  has a system.


The management system of ATI DEPO Zrt is supervised by an external recognized certification body.


Quality management system (MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015)


The ISO 9001 quality management system formulates requirements that, due to the system approach, increase the efficiency of the operation of ATI DEPO Zrt by applying and fulfilling the requirements.


Our goal is to formulate a unified expectation system in the life of our organization, which requires a unified standard, contributing to the provision of high quality services.


By operating the system, we can prove that we carry out our activities under regulated, controlled conditions, keeping in mind the external environmental requirements (eg customers, authorities), as a result of satisfaction for all parties. Providing a guarantee for reliable operation and meeting expectations.


Advantages of the quality management system:

  • Process approach

  • Risk-based thinking

  • An effective tool in management, decision preparation

  • Increase the efficiency of internal communication

  • Establishing unified communication

  • Improving the supply of information

  • Anticipating continuous improvement

  • Quick mapping of complaints by ensuring traceability

  • Reducing the occurrence of errors ensures the controllability of process control

  • Exploring and correcting the causes of errors

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Gaining market reliability and competitive advantage

  • Definition of responsibilities, thus accountability


The following depots have ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification:



ISO 9001 telephely rajz.jpg

Environmental management system (MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015)


The ISO 14001 environmental management system sets out requirements that we can use to ensure that our operations are conducted in accordance with environmental requirements. In doing so, it effectively monitors the protection of natural resources in our environment, the reduction of risks, and the preservation of the health of workers and those living in the area.


Our goal is to meet the requirements of the organization by operating the environmental management system, where environmental awareness is the main aspect, and to maintain it, all stakeholders are satisfied, which increases the competitiveness of our organization.


In our view, in addition to providing a high quality service, it is becoming increasingly important for us to preserve and protect our environment. In addition to the rational use of available resources, the provision of an environmentally conscious technical background and its application in everyday work, thereby increasing the efficiency of our work and our working and living conditions.


Advantages of the environmental management system:

  • life cycle approach,

  • responsibility for the direct and indirect environment

  • minimizing pollutant emissions

  • regulation of waste generated

  • improves waste recycling, treatment

  • promoting the environmental awareness of workers

  • increases market perception among competitors,

  • efficient use of materials and energy,

  • creating the conditions for environmental awareness reduces risks,

  • The trust of our partners in us is growing


The following depots have ISO 14001 environmental management system certification:


Energy management system (MSZ EN ISO 50001: 2019)


The operation of the ISO 50001 energy management system enables the systematic optimization of the energy performance of our operating processes, as well as supporting more efficient energy management. Optimizing the use of energy sources increases energy efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs.


Our goal, by operating an energy management system, is to support our organization in making better use of existing energy consumption tools. Help us evaluate and prioritize new, energy-efficient technologies.


Our approach is energy-efficient thinking, leadership commitment and leading by example, which demonstrates our company’s commitment to customers, thereby increasing our corporate prestige, which can provide a competitive advantage over competitors who do not yet have the system.


Advantages of the energy management system:

  • decreasing consumption and therefore lower energy costs

  • more efficient use of energy

  • promoting innovation in energy regulation

  • more efficient use of natural resources

  • greenhouse gas emissions are reduced

  • decreasing operating costs,


The following depots are certified to ISO 50001 energy management system:

ISO 50001 telephely rajz.jpg

Feed safety system (GMP + Feed Safety Assurance)


Maintaining the GMP + Feed Safety Assurance feed safety system as a “good owner” provides safe and responsible storage and handling for our partners during our operation.


Our goal is to provide safety as part of the entire feed chain by handling and controlling the feed stored with us, and to reduce the incidence and damage caused by unsafe feed.


Our approach is that by operating the feed safety system, we can prove to our customers the efficiency of our operation in accordance with the GMP + standard, which serves as a guideline for the actors involved in the food chain.


Advantages of the feed safety system:

  • new market opportunities, as GMP + certified customers choose a GMP + supplier

  • participation in a closed feed safety chain that establishes common bases and requirements for all actors in the supply chain,

  • provides guidance on procurement and selection of suppliers / subcontractors,

  • its requirements are in line with national and EU feed safety legislation,

  • helps to improve existing HACCP-based systems


The following sites are certified by GMP + Feed Safety Assurance System:

ÁTI GMPBajafekete.jpg


The EFMC is a guide to best practice for the industrial production of feed and premixtures for food-producing animals. It was formally and successfully evaluated by the EU authorities in January 2007, who considered this guide to be a practical tool for implementing the hygiene and HACCP requirements of Regulation (EC) No 183/2005 on feed hygiene throughout the European Community. A second update was announced in November 2014 with more detailed guidance on feed safety management of salmonella and aflatoxin risks.  















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