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6000 Kecskemét, Halasi út 25-27.

Tel: +36(76)482-182


Kecskemét railway station code:  Kecskemét Alsó, 16535





Depot Manager: Péter Zsilka



The ATI Kecskemét depot lies by the highway No.541, 5 kms from motorway No.5, and 4 kms from the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Kft. The depot is one of the largest storage capacities of the industrial area in Kecskemét.
It disposes of the two separated industrial railway connections, on which there is possibility for (un)loading railcars with grain crops, and loading palletized goods and other kind of goods by pieces on approximately 200 meters long.
The total area of the 18 storage halls located at the depot is 12.000 sq.m, and the basic area of the offices in the two office buildings is 1.100 sq.m.


  • Warehouse lease

  • Office lease

  • Wage-storage of cereals (in a ferroconcrete silo, in a storage hall)

  • Wage-storage of goods by the piece (artificial fertilizer, tinned food, etc.)

  • Loading of block trains

  • Grain commodity handling, (treatments of consistency improvement, conservation, crop disinfection, commodity cleaning, etc.)

  • Quick grain examinations of informative nature 

  • Parking place service for trucks and buses





GPS coordinates: LAT: 46 ° 11 '10.83 "LON: 18 ° 55' 45.44"

The ÁTI DEPO Kecskemét Depot was expanded with a new retail premise:

Kecskemet ENGHU.tif


Gabona kitárolás

Gabona kitárolás

Gabonás tehergépjármű mérlegelés

Gabonás tehergépjármű mérlegelés

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