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PROJECT 4: Development of Recipient-Technology-Innovation (HVAC) hoppers

Beneficiary's name: ÁTI DEPO Public Warehousing Private Limited Company

Project title: "Development of Recipients-Technology-Innovation (HICP)"

The amount of the support: HUF 162,408,206


Aid intensity or amount: 41,873991%

Presentation of the content of the Project: 20 million tons of grain, oilseeds and protein crops are harvested in Hungary every year. These crops require special logistical performance and, in this connection, special logistical tools that cannot be integrated into other goods-related logistics systems. The installation costs of these devices are significant and it can generally be said that in most cases, without significant non-refundable support, modern, labor-efficient, environmentally friendly grain storage units are a non-returnable investment in the foreseeable future in the current market environment. There is currently a sufficient amount of grain storage capacity available in Hungary, but a significant proportion of them are flat storage facilities with energy and labor efficiency challenges. The most expensive and complicated element of most modern, labor-efficient, energy-efficient mechanized storages and silos, the receiving hopper, has a very limited use in many cases. The size and handling capacity of the equipment installed in the 70's and 80's are typically inadequate, and the dust generated during the acceptance is not or insufficiently neutralized. Appropriate solutions and technologies are available on the market to deal with this problem, but there is no solution that would allow the integration of the existing infrastructure, typically the installation of completely new buildings and equipment to solve the problem. As a result, a company that wants to operate prudently will demolish its existing equipment and install an extremely expensive building and invest in equipment that requires significant resources. This cannot be solved in many cases. In a significant number of cases, the required amount of financial resources is not available for the required investment. In addition, due to the size of such a modern hopper, many grain receiving and processing plants are not feasible due to the size and geometry of the available land and the special local building regulations. In the event that, as a result of the above, development is unviable, the operation of the entire grain storage, transhipment and processing plant will be impossible and will have to be liquidated sooner or later. In Hungary, a small minority of grain logistics facilities installed before 1990 meet current expectations, and the vast majority of them still have a solution to this problem. Our experts want to develop a solution to the problem, which can be used to transform the existing hopper with narrow geometry into a device that serves modern trucks and can meet today's environmental standards at a relatively small investment. In the course of the research and development project, we expect that as a result we will develop and create an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and material-saving technology that is not yet known.

The planned completion date of the Project is 31.12.2022.

Project ID: 2019-1.1.1-MARKET-KFI-2019-00170

Project 3: ÁTI DEPO Közraktarijaási Zrt. Developed its Baja Depot with EU support


ÁTI DEPO Zrt. Is non-refundable HUF 60 million within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program

won a grant in the “Transit DEPO Port Development” tender. The 120 million forints

with a total investment cost in excess of 20,000 tons of storage capacity

increased the performance of the reinforced concrete grain silo removal technology by 200 t / h



ÁTI DEPO Zrt., Founded in 1996, is one of the largest service providers in Hungary with a storage capacity. The main activity of the Company is the provision of traditional and grain logistics services. It currently provides various logistics services at 12 sites. Seven bases can handle and store palletized goods on almost 153,000 m2, while it operates a grain storage facility capable of accommodating more than 180,000 tons of grain at six sites. Most grain logistics sites also have high-capacity rail grain loading and unloading facilities.


In addition, the Company operates four separate intermodal river transshipment facilities at the Baja Depot, where not only the loading and unloading of river and rail vehicles can be performed in a unique way in the Baja Port complex. The fact that, in addition to the loading services of the company's Baja Depot, it can also carry out temporary or long-term storage of goods, helps to solve the logistical difficulties of the Southern Great Plain region and to transport greener, more environmentally friendly bulk grain and other goods.


The project was carried out in a reinforced concrete grain silo in the port of Baja, increasing the performance of the extraction technology.

During the development, the capacity of the loading and unloading system was synchronized, and the control was modernized, as a result of which the goods stored in the silo can be loaded into the ship in a shorter time, thus increasing the throughput capacity of the warehouse. From now on, the storage and ship loading lines of the silo complex have also been separated, so that the above activities can be carried out at the same time.


Thanks to modern technology, as a result of the development, the service has become faster and more efficient, which enables the satisfaction of the larger volume needs of the partners and further strengthens the Company's market position in the region.


Project name: "Port Development of ÁTI Depo ZRt." (KÖZOP-4.6.0-14-2014-0019)



The aim of the project is to modernize and increase the capacity of the goods handling machines of the silo system at the Baja site of ÁTI DEPO Zrt.



Project details:

Scheduled start date:    1/5/2015

Scheduled end date:  6/30/2015


Amount of aid:       60,000,000 HUF

Total cost of the project:     HUF 120,196,000


Beneficiary's name and contact details:    ÁTI DEPO ZRt. (1136 Budapest, Pannónia u. 11.)




Project 2: Logistics development at the Miskolc and Baja sites of ÁTI DEPO Zrt. (GOP-3.2.1-11-2011-0021)


The aim of the project is to provide ÁTI DEPO ZRt.


Project details:
Scheduled start date:
Scheduled end date:

Amount of aid:         HUF 50,190,000

Total cost of the project:      HUF 128,691,863



Beneficiary's name and contact details: ÁTI DEPO ZRt. (1136 Budapest, Pannónia u. 11.)

Name and contact details of the Intermediate Body: MAG ZRt.




Project 1: Development of a Regional Logistics Center at the Miskolc site of ÁTI DEPO Zrt. (GOP-3.2.1-09 / 1-2010-0026)



A premium logistics warehouse will be built in 2011 in the Miskolc Regional Center of ÁTI DEPO ZRt. The project is implemented with the support of the European Union within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan. In the first phase of the investment, a 5,900 m2 warehouse base suitable for modern logistics tasks will be built on a 6-hectare site close to the M3 motorway.


Data on the construction of warehouse building I:


Start of construction:        2011. 06.

Completion of construction:     2011. 12.



  • The building has a raster system and consists of 3 sections (3 x 1,782 m2)

  • Sprinkler all over the area

  • Tempered warehouse heating will be installed

  • Outdoor truck and car parking is available.



Warehouse I was ceremoniously handed over on February 7, 2012.

We are at your disposal for questions about the warehouse:


Amount of aid:       236,595,607, - Ft

Total cost of the project:     HUF 761,683,083





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