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Management systems


Management systems


ÁTI DEPO Közraktározási Zrt is a logistics service provider having one of the largest storage capacity in Hungary. Winning and maintaining the trust of its partners is not an easy task in the today’s competitive world. For this purpose ÁTI DEPO Zrt is committed to provide consistent and reliable services to its partners.
The management of ÁTI DEPO Zrt is committed promoting the security of the Company's operations, maintaining and developing its marketability. 

Hence the management of the company reckons the functioning of management systems related to its activities to be an essential element of its operation, which forms the basis of its operational strategy.

The management identifies conscious work in accordance with its standards as an element of achieving business success for all employees in the company. 
The management undertakes the operation and improvement of ÁTI DEPO Zrt management systems. 
The Company has an integrated system in accordance with quality management (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001) standards, energy management (ISO 50001) and feed trade and storage requirements (GMP + B3).
ÁTI DEPO Zrt supervises its management system with the assistance of an external, recognized certification bodies.



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