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Our Services

ÁTI DEPO manages and utilizes 6 depots (Baja, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs, Szabadbattyán, Szigetszentmiklós), which offer services to their partners mainly in the field of general cargo logistics.

ÁTI DEPO ZRt. provides grain logistics services at its eight depots (Baja, Békéscsaba, Gyöngyös, Kecskemét, Mátészalka, Mezőkovácsháza, Mohács, Szabadbattyán) with 245 000 tons of grain storage (mainly silos) capacity. 

Beyond the logistics services there are warehouse- and office room lease possibilities at its 12 depots of ÁTI DEPO ZRt (Baja, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs, Szabadbattyán, Szajol, Szigetszentmiklós, Békéscsaba, Kecskemét, Mátészalka, Mezőkovácsháza, Gyöngyös) for its current and its future clients.

Office employee

We cooperate with the customs offices (official customs authorities) and the local customs agencies as well. 

Customs- and Finance Guard Office operates in the customs court of ÁTI DEPO Zrt in Baja and in Miskolc.

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ÁTI DEPO is the public limited company, who deals with guarding, storage and handling of goods if it is required in its warehouses, issuing own-site warrants of public warehousing.

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