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Customs administration

We can provide customs administration services to our clients in Miskolc, in Baja and in Győr, which are as follows:

  • Export - import customs clearance

  • Domestic warehousing, Public customs warehousing

  • TIR  and ATA document handling

  • Authorized recipient and sender authorization (starting a T1, T2 document with TC33 total guarantee authorization)

  • Certificates of origin: issuance and authentication of EUR1 and A.TR

  • Intrastat

  • Administration of registration tax (only in Baja)

  • Filling out the CMR document form

  • Customs advices

Customs administration related services:

  • Customs representation assistance (document management)

  • Tariff classification

  • Customs value declaration

  • Amendment request

  • Parking (In Miskolc even at night)

  • Forklift rental

  • Manual material handling

We cooperate with the customs offices (official customs authorities) and the local customs agencies as well. 

Customs- and Finance Guard Office operates in the customs court of ÁTI DEPO Zrt in Baja and in Miskolc.  

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